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Magnetic Clasp

The magnetic clasp use high grade Nd-Fe-B material, coated black Ni, Epoxy, gold, etc. used for necklace, bracelet and other link style ornament, and stick together themselves to fit both end of link style ornament. It is convenient to wear compared with typical clasps.

Please find the following details for ref, whenever ordering.

1. The following specifications are availableMode:yxcl-1Magnetic Clasp Nickel-platingMagnetic Clasp Silver-platingMagnetic Clasp Gold-platingMagnetic Clasp Black Epoxy-coatedfor your choice

2.The following specifications are availableModel: yxcl-2,yxcl-3, yxcl-4for your choice

3.The following specifications are available6 × 10mm and 8 × 10mmMagnetic Clasp Silver-plating,Magnetic Clasp Gold-plating,Magnetic Clasp Black Nicked-platingfor your choice

 4. new products16×6×6mm and 11×6×6mmMagnetic Clasp Black Nickel-plating,gun metal colorMagnetic Clasp Black Epoxy coating